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TEGERNSEE PHANTASTISCH is a world-class experience spanning 2700 square meters—an indoor attraction featuring two unique realms of play and entertainment. It combines educational elements with play and sports in an entirely innovative manner.

Here, the focus is on Lake Tegernsee, encompassing aspects of tradition and heritage, landscape and environment, energy and sports, as well as art and education.


Please note:
October, 16 2024
October, 17 2024
TEGERNSEE PHANTASTISCH will be closed due to an event.

A world of experiences

"This is my declaration of love to Tegernsee"

Korbinian Kohler


The Tegernsee World is a light-filled space where you can quickly learn interesting facts about the region and where children can playfully explore the world. Take a leisurely stroll through the Ecologia and stop at each station to discover facts and backgrounds about history, culture, and nature. Conquer, step by step, the possibly largest glass boulder wall in the world! Enjoy a ride on the carousel and satisfy your appetite at the modern pizzeria 'Gardone'!


In Tegernsee Magic, you immerse yourself in an exciting world with an atmospheric light installation like no other. Feel the adrenaline rush as the high ropes course and interactive trampoline arena challenge all your senses with acoustic and visual effects! Test your strength and endurance on the impressive Weissach Warrior course. Let yourself be thrilled by the limitless possibilities of the latest entertainment technology in the 5D cinema and Virtual Reality Room!

Edutainment for everyone

TEGERNSEE PHANTASTISCH is aimed at our hotel guests, as well as day visitors to the Tegernsee Valley and, of course, locals who return home with additional knowledge about the region: 'All of them should leave TEGERNSEE PHANTASTIC with rosy cheeks, wide eyes, breathless, and inspired – and with the feeling: Fantastic, what Tegernsee has to offer.'

Korbinian Kohler

Corporate events
& Team building

Choose from the Tegernsee corporate event packages, for example:

„Dinner and Play“
Includes a 3-course business dinner menu, 0.5l water, 0.3l beer, 0.2l wine, 1 hot beverage at our Italian restaurant Gardone and Terrazza
2 hours of enjoyment at Tegernsee Fantastic with 3 soft drinks
Price per person: €105.00

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You want to get to know Lake Tegernsee during a short vacation. The Bachmair Weissach Group offers a variety of accommodation options: Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach, Hotel Bussi Baby, Altes Wallberghaus, Clubhaus Bachmair Weissach or stay in the Bachmair Weissach See-Apartments.

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