Every experience in TEGERNSEE PHANTASTISCH revolves around the Tegernsee Valley, its environment, landscape, culture, and traditions. It's a blend of fun and sports, combining play with learning.



Welcome to Tegernsee World! Start by taking a spin on the chain carousel before leisurely strolling around the virtual lake, exploring houses and bridges meticulously designed to replicate the charm of the Bachmair Weissach Group.

Have Fun

Bouldering Wall
in the World
at Tegernsee

Bouldering at Tegernsee – Conquer, step by step, the possibly largest glass bouldering wall in the world at TEGERNSEE WORLD and satisfy your hunger at the Gardone restautant!

Climate and ecology at Tegernsee


Here, you'll find interesting facts and specific information about the climatic evolution and ecology of the region.

Bea von Thurn und Taxis: 'The goal of 'Tegernsee Ökologia' is to explain, for instance, what Tegernsee looked like in the past, what it looks like today, and how it will look tomorrow: What is happening here?

But we also want to convey what makes Tegernsee so valuable so that people can better appreciate it.'

Multimedia and interactive insights into the underwater world.

Inside Tegernsee:
Virtual Aquarium

Dive into the multimedia aquarium experience! Explore the fish species that inhabit Lake Tegernsee in an interactive way and get to know their unique characteristics!

Competition and action at the Ninja Warrior Parcourse


Try out the Ninja Warrior Course! Challenge your strength and persistence with amazing obstacles! Balance is as key as your agility.

Loads of adrenaline at high altitudes

"Hohe Luft":
High Ropes Course

In the mystical fantasy landscape of TEGERNSEE MAGIC, you'll find a high ropes climbing garden immersed in an atmospheric light installation in semi-darkness. On the 'Höhenweg' (High Path), thirteen stations with varying levels of difficulty await you.

The 'Hohe Luft' high ropes course is not permanently staffed. Please pay attention to the posted climbing times on-site. Furthermore, for safety reasons, the high ropes course must be entered without jewelry and with sneakers, and it is allowed for children with a height between 1.25 meters and 1.40 meters only when accompanied by an adult.

An interactive trampoline area


Play, have fun, jump, and bounce. Here, you can unleash your energy freely.

Together, you make the world light up.

Free Roaming VR Experience


In YULLBE, an extraordinary Free Roaming VR attraction, the latest technologies are creatively employed.

With a virtual reality headset on your eyes and two controllers in your hands, you venture into a magical world of illusions.

Experience a unique VR adventure and explore new worlds with YULLBE!

The minimum body height for YULLBE is 140 cm - thank you very much for your understanding!


5D Cinema: New Dimensions

Destination Tegernsee: Experience a thrilling journey in the 5D cinema as you fly over the entire continent of Europe, culminating in a landing within the BACHMAIR WEISSACH SPA & RESORT park at Tegernsee.

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