TEGERNSEE PHANTASTISCH is a world of superlatives, spanning 2,700 square meters, and an indoor attraction featuring two unique areas of entertainment. Here, the focus is on Lake Tegernsee, tradition, homeland, landscape, environment, energy, art, and education.


Are you searching for exciting ideas for a school outing or a hiking day? 

Look no further!

Tegernsee Phantastisch is a place where education, action, and fun all come together. Our facility offers interactive and informative exhibits designed to provide both children and adults with an enjoyable and educational experience. From virtual journeys through the history of the Tegernsee Valley to thrilling experiments and explorations, there's a wealth of discoveries awaiting you.

We believe that a visit to our experiential world can be an enriching experience not only for students but also for teachers looking to enhance their lessons with engaging extracurricular activities.

School Trip Pricing

The ticket price is 17 euros per person, allowing entry for 3 hours.

We are also pleased to offer exclusive morning openings for school groups.

School phantastisch

Hiking day & school outing ideas at Tegernsee

Is a school trip coming up soon? If so, we have an exciting offer for you.

Embark on a journey through the unique and diverse TEGERNSEE WORLD and TEGERNSEE MAGIC.

Tegernsee World is a sunlit space where you can learn about the region and children can explore the world in a playful way. Wander through the ├ľkologia and pick up facts and insights about history, culture, and nature at each stop. Take on the challenge of what might be the world's largest glass bouldering wall!

In Tegernsee Magic, enter a world of darkness brought to life with cool light shows. Get excited on the high-rope course and bouncy trampoline area with cool sounds and lights! Test your strength on the exciting Weissach Warrior Parcours! Discover the amazing world of new entertainment tech in the 5D cinema and Virtual Reality Room!


Contact us

For additional details and to make reservations, we invite you to contact us by phone at +49 (0) 8022/278-190 or by email at info(at)tegernse-phantastisch.com.