1. Parking

1.1. The rules and signs of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply to our parking areas.

1.2. Visitors to Tegernsee Phantastisch should park their vehicles in the designated visitor parking lot. Hotel guests should park in spaces reserved exclusively for them. The employee parking lot may only be used by employees of Bachmair Weissach and Tegernsee Phantastisch.

1.3. To ensure smooth traffic flow, please follow the instructions of our staff in the parking areas carefully. Park your vehicles only within the designated parking spaces. If you fail to park your vehicle properly and this disrupts traffic, we may be forced to tow or relocate the vehicle at your expense and risk.

1.4. The parking areas are not monitored by Tegernsee Phantastisch. Therefore, a parking fee is only charged for providing a parking space, not for vehicle surveillance. For your own safety, please make sure to keep your doors, trunk, windows, and sunroof closed when leaving your vehicle. Additionally, please do not leave valuables visible in the car. Pets should not be left in the vehicle.

1.5. Tegernsee Phantastisch is not liable for theft or damage to your vehicle by third parties. This also applies to damages caused by storms, fire, hail, explosions, and other extraordinary events. If you believe that any damage has been caused by Tegernsee Phantastisch employees, it must be reported to our staff immediately upon discovery and, if possible, during your stay, as far as it is reasonable. Tegernsee Phantastisch is only liable for the intent or gross negligence of its employees.


2. Admission

2.1. The Tegernsee Phantastisch building may only be entered with a valid admission ticket at the designated visitor entrances. Access to Tegernsee Phantastisch via the VIP entrance is reserved for guests of the Bachmair Weissach Group.

2.2. Admission tickets must be kept during your visit and shown upon request. The authorization for entry and stay is valid during the general opening hours indicated by Tegernsee Phantastisch and for the pre-booked time slot. An extension of the stay time is possible at any time through the machine at the exit. In the event of an early closure of the building due to technical, organizational, operational, or weather-related reasons that are not intentionally or grossly negligent on the part of Tegernsee Phantastisch, there is no right to a full or partial refund of the admission price.

2.3. The admission authorization expires upon leaving the restricted area. If you plan to leave the premises briefly, please contact one of our staff members at the entrance control, who will allow you to re-enter Tegernsee Phantastisch later.

2.4. Children who have not yet reached the age of 12 may only enter with an adult, legal guardian. Supervising adults and parents are responsible for the children they accompany. Different rules may apply to specific events. Please refer to the respective information for the corresponding events. Brochures, websites, and Tegernsee Phantastisch staff are available for further information.

2.5. The sale of vouchers, admission, or free tickets for Tegernsee Phantastisch in the parking lot or on the premises is not allowed.


3. General Safety Regulations

3.1. Always follow the instructions of Tegernsee Phantastisch staff in your own interest.

3.2. All visitors are expected to behave correctly and appropriately. Disruption of public order, willful destruction or soiling, inappropriate behavior, disturbance of other guests or operations, use of verbal or physical violence, insult, defamation, disregard of Tegernsee Phantastisch's house rules, etc., may result in appropriate measures being taken by the operator, such as eviction, filing of a complaint, or similar actions. Tegernsee Phantastisch reserves the right to expel visitors who, in their behavior, suggest that they could endanger or disturb themselves or other persons from the premises without compensation.

3.3. Possession and carrying of weapons, weapon replicas, or dangerous objects such as firearms, sharp/pointed knives, chains, knuckle dusters, pepper spray, electric shockers, tools, large scissors, wires, crossbows, bows and arrows, blowpipes, slingshots, baseball bats, fireworks, or other pyrotechnic objects, as well as any kind of discriminatory, violence-glorifying, or constitutionally hostile objects, are not permitted on the premises of Tegernsee Phantastisch.

3.4. The use or operation of drones or any kind of remote-controlled toys and devices is not permitted.

3.5. Bringing gas-filled balloons of any kind is not allowed.

3.6. Bulky and oversized items such as large suitcases are not allowed to be brought in. Please use our lockers at the main entrance. Backpacks, handbags, and any type of luggage must not be left unattended, except in the designated lockers.

3.7. For the safety of all visitors, motorized or non-motorized means of transportation such as roller skates, bicycles, kick scooters, electric scooters, etc., are not allowed to be brought into Tegernsee Phantastisch, unless they are demonstrably necessary for health reasons and this is apparent to other guests. Permission to use these means of transportation must be obtained in advance in writing.

3.8. Willful noise or loud operation of music devices is prohibited. Items that can disturb public peace, such as vuvuzelas, megaphones, horns, or other musical instruments, may not be brought or operated.

3.9. Fire safety regulations on the premises must be strictly adhered to. Smoking is prohibited throughout the indoor area of Tegernsee Phantastisch.

3.10. Visitors must observe access restrictions as indicated by appropriate signage.

3.11. All visitors are required to dress correctly and appropriately. Wearing upper clothing and shoes is mandatory. Shoes must be clean for entering Tegernsee Phantastisch. In case of bad weather such as rain, snowfall, or simply dirty shoes, a second pair of shoes suitable for indoor use should be brought along.

3.12. Tegernsee Phantastisch reserves the right to expel visitors who are, for example, so made up, dressed, or tattooed that other guests, especially children, could take offense, or who are dressed in such a way that they could be mistaken for employees or performers of Tegernsee Phantastisch, at any time from the premises without compensation. Full-face veiling is prohibited. Veiling for religious reasons and face masks are allowed.

3.13. Dogs are not allowed in all areas of Tegernsee Phantastisch. An exception is the restaurant area of Gardone.

3.14. Bringing and consuming self-brought food and beverages is prohibited for the entire area of Tegernsee Phantastisch. Consumption of food and beverages purchased at Tegernsee Phantastisch is only allowed in the areas explicitly designated for this purpose.

3.15. Searching through garbage, collection, or containment containers is prohibited. The contents of the containers provided for this purpose are the property of Tegernsee Phantastisch. Removal or removal from the premises is prohibited.


4. Use of Rides, Attractions, Shows, and Facilities

4.1. The rides, attractions, and facilities at Tegernsee Phantastisch are available to visitors in accordance with the respective usage rules and purposes.

4.2. The opening hours of the rides, attractions, and facilities may differ from the opening hours of Tegernsee Phantastisch. In the event of a power interruption or other events and a resulting failure of rides or shows, there will be no refund of the admission price.

4.3. Technical or organizational shutdown of individual rides, attractions, or facilities does not entitle you to a reduction or refund of the admission price.

4.4. The use of some rides, attractions, or facilities requires good physical condition and is done at your own risk and responsibility. Safety devices must be used, and safety rules must be followed.

4.5. Visitors are required to check their own health before using the rides, attractions, shows, or facilities and to be aware of risks and to read and adhere to usage and access rules as well as safety regulations.

4.6. Please exercise due care when getting on and off rides, and always follow the instructions of Tegernsee Phantastisch staff. Failure to comply or willful disregard may result in exclusion from using the rides. In the event of a violation or repeated violations, you may be expelled from the park. There is no entitlement to compensation in this case. The above provisions also apply if you attempt to push ahead in a queue.

4.7. The use of play equipment and similar facilities is at your own risk. The use of play equipment intended specifically for small children is prohibited for adults. Specific age restrictions governing the permissible user group must be adhered to. Parents are responsible for their children.

4.8. Carrying loose items on the rides is not allowed for safety reasons. In particular, cameras, mobile phones, keys, and similar loose items must be securely stored before the ride. Tegernsee Phantastisch accepts no liability for items left during the use of rides, attractions, or facilities.

4.9. You are liable for all damages caused by violation of the usage rules, such as carrying loose items or willful damage.


5. Supervision Responsibility

5.1. Parents and accompanying persons are reminded that they have a duty to supervise their children carefully.


6. Advertising and Offering Goods and Services

6.1. Advertising on the premises and in the parking lots of Tegernsee Phantastisch, as well as the offering of goods and services, is only permitted with prior written approval from the management. This also applies to conducting surveys and counts. Advertising and announcements for organizations, associations, interest groups, or personal initiatives by any means are prohibited on the premises and within the building and will be punished in each individual case with eviction, civil liability, and criminal charges for trespassing.


7. Video Surveillance, Filming, and Photography

7.1. Tegernsee Phantastisch is under video surveillance. Surveillance is for the safety of visitors and staff, as well as the protection of the facilities and equipment.

7.2. Regularly, film and photo recordings are made at Tegernsee Phantastisch. Areas or attractions are marked as far as possible.

7.3. Personal photo and video recordings for private purposes are allowed, provided they do not inconvenience or disturb other guests. However, professional photo and video recordings intended for commercial use are only allowed with prior written permission. Please contact the corporate communications department of Hotel Bachmair Weissach GmbH & Co. KG for such permission.


8. Visitor Controls

8.1. Every visitor who wishes to enter the area within the scope of this ordinance expressly agrees to voluntarily submit to any checks by Tegernsee Phantastisch staff. Visitors must fully comply with the instructions of the staff; otherwise, access will be denied. The staff is authorized to inspect individuals to determine whether they pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug consumption or the carrying of weapons or dangerous objects. Every guest expressly agrees that their clothing and carried containers may be searched.

8.2. Staff responsible for security are authorized to deny access to the premises for individuals who pose a security risk.

8.3. The same applies to individuals who refuse consent to the search of their clothing and carried containers. Tegernsee Phantastisch staff is further authorized to secure items that do not comply with the above section, such as drugs, weapons, etc.

8.4. Tegernsee Phantastisch staff is also authorized to conduct such checks on individuals who are already on the premises.


9. Limitation of Liability

9.1. Tegernsee Phantastisch is liable for all damages caused by a culpable breach of an essential contractual obligation by Tegernsee Phantastisch or Tegernsee Phantastisch employees, or that are due to gross negligence or intent.

9.2. In the event of a breach of an essential contractual obligation due to simple negligence, liability is limited to the typical, foreseeable damage.

9.3. Liability for injury to life, body, or health, as well as liability under the Product Liability Act, liability for intentionally concealed defects, and liability for the assumption of a guarantee for the quality of an item remain unaffected.

9.4. Tegernsee Phantastisch is not liable for items left or deposited on the premises. No liability is assumed for items (e.g., mobile phones, jewelry, cameras, clothing, etc.) that are damaged, destroyed, or lost during the use of rides, attractions, or facilities.


10. Damage Reports

10.1. All facilities at Tegernsee Phantastisch are carefully maintained and monitored. If you suffer damage without your own fault, please report the damage to the information desk before leaving the premises. Report even if there is reason to believe that an incident may later result in damage.


11. Property Rules

11.1. Tegernsee Phantastisch is entitled to evict individuals who violate the property rules at its discretion without compensation.

As of July 2022, subject to change.