1. Parking

1.1. The rules and signs of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply to our parking lots.

1.2. Visitors to Tegernsee Phantastisch should park their vehicles in the designated visitor parking lot. Hotel guests, please park in the parking spaces reserved exclusively for you. The employee parking lot may only be used by employees of Bachmair Weissach and Tegernsee Phantastisch.

1.3. To ensure smooth traffic flow, please follow the instructions of our staff in the parking lots carefully. Park your vehicles only within the designated parking areas. If your vehicle is not parked properly and obstructs traffic, we reserve the right to have the vehicle towed or relocated at your expense and risk.

1.4. The parking areas provided are not monitored by Tegernsee Phantastisch. Therefore, a parking fee is only charged for providing a parking space and not for guarding the vehicle. When leaving your vehicle, please make sure to keep doors, trunk, windows, and sunroof closed for your own safety. Additionally, for your own sake, please do not leave valuables visible in the car. Animals should not be left in the vehicle either.

1.5. Tegernsee Phantastisch is not liable for theft or damage to your vehicle by third parties. This includes damages caused by storms, fire, hail, explosions, and other extraordinary events. Any damage that you believe may have been caused by Tegernsee Phantastisch employees must be reported to our staff immediately upon discovery and, if possible, during your stay, to the extent reasonable. Tegernsee Phantastisch is liable for any misconduct of its employees only in cases of intent or gross negligence.