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Maria Furtwängler, Fritz Wepper and Susanne Kellermann, Eckart Witzigmann, Eva Padberg, Sebastian Copeland, Judith Rakers, Max Wiedemann and Tina Kaiser, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and her brother Benjamin Werndl, Verena Ofarim and Co.

Hotelier Korbinian Kohler celebrated the opening of his new multimedia adventure world "Tegernsee Phantastisch" with many VIPs.

Whether it's climbing, bouldering, or jumping on an interactive trampoline, a truly "fantastic" and especially action-packed evening awaited VIPs like actress Maria Furtwängler, actor Fritz Wepper and his wife Susanne Kellermann, news anchor Judith Rakers, century chef Eckart Witzigmann, top model Eva Padberg, polar researcher, photographer, and environmental activist Sebastian Copeland (cousin of Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom) and his wife Caroline, Anna Duchess in Bavaria and her husband Andreas Baron von Maltzan, Oscar producer Max Wiedemann and his partner Tina Kaiser, and many other VIPs last Sunday at Tegernsee.

Hotelier Korbinian Kohler celebrated the launch of his new and grand multimedia experience world "Tegernsee Phantastisch" and welcomed numerous celebrities, particularly many sports stars and legends: among them, dressage rider Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and her brother, dressage rider Benjamin Werndl, racing driver Christina Surer, ski legend Christa Kinshofer, former hockey ace Stefan Blöcher, producer and former sprinter Norbert Dobeleit. Other guests included presenter Sylvia Walker, yoga expert Conny Lehmann (wife of Jens Lehmann) with son Lasse, and designer Verena Ofarim.

The Opening Ceremony

The evening was hosted by Judith Rakers: "Today, there's a new world to discover, and you are among the first to explore this world – spanning 2,700 square meters. 'Tegernsee Phantastisch' offers excitement, games, adventure, and most importantly, knowledge transfer." In a talk with host Korbinian Kohler, they delved into the creation story of 'Tegernsee Phantastisch' and the highlights of the experience world: "'Tegernsee Phantastisch' is a project close to our hearts, for Tegernsee and for the many families in the region," explained Korbinian Kohler. "With 'Tegernsee Phantastisch,' we have created a unique edutainment attraction in Europe. A multimedia experience world that innovatively combines knowledge about the world-famous Tegernsee with sports and fun, and all the love with which we want to give people a new place of longing in these challenging times. That's why we are delighted that so many guests have come today to celebrate this special opening with us," said Korbinian Kohler, who was accompanied by his family for the opening: His wife the artist Suse Kohler and their four children Ferdinand, Benedikt, Marlies, and Quirin, to whom Korbinian Kohler expressed his gratitude: "Without them, none of this would have been possible." He emphasized that 'Tegernsee Phantastisch' is not just an attraction for children. "Here, a father can participate with his son, but also a grandmother with her grandson or a friend with his girlfriend."

Actress Maria Furtwängler was also present at the glamorous opening: "Korbinian Kohler is a good 'Bergfreund' of mine - we often go to the mountain together when I am at Tegernsee - and I am very curious about what he has created here."

Fritz Wepper came accompanied by his wife Susanne Kellermann, daughter Filippa, and mother-in-law Marlene Kellermann. It was his first public appearance in a long time. He was enthusiastic about the event and appeared in high spirits: "This here is very unusual for Tegernsee and the region. But it is in the interest of my daughter Filippa. And also in the interest of all generations: daughter, mother, and grandmother."

What awaits the young and old guests? The experience world, located directly next to the "Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach," consists of two different areas, "Tegernsee World" and "Tegernsee Magic." Accompanied by the Spielmannszug playing the Bavarian march, Korbinian Kohler and the guests moved from the first area to "Tegernsee Magic." There, Benny Wizani and Fabian Vogel – European champions in synchronized trampoline jumping – presented a synchronized show on the trampoline, the "Ninja Warriors" course was opened in competition, and professional dancers delivered a breathtaking show in the high ropes course.

Sneakers instead of high heels was the dress code. Since 'Tegernsee Phantastisch' is about edutainment, the guests were in for action and fun instead of just a show on the red carpet. The 400 guests had the opportunity to explore the 2,700-square-meter indoor attraction and test its highlights after the official opening.

And the choice was not easy for the guests: first test the interactive trampoline or rather start with a challenge at the "Weissach Warrior," Korbinian Kohler's answer to the "Ninja Warrior." First explore the world's largest glass bouldering wall or the high ropes course with different levels of difficulty? Or go straight to the "Tegernsee Ecologia" area, where guests can learn about the ecology and sustainability of the region, and discover the underwater world of Tegernsee in the virtual aquarium? Or immerse themselves with virtual reality glasses in "High Teg" or the 5-D cinema into a virtual world of illusions?

A special adventure that even adventurer and polar researcher Sebastian Copeland found exciting. He came with the whole family: Alongside his wife Dr. Caroline Copeland, their two daughters Lilo and Bella were also there: "A great place," he praised. "It's great that you can now experience the adventures you know from TV here at Tegernsee as well. I already tried the Warrior course today." His wife Caroline: "Of course, my husband was the fastest and the winner of the day. But we also think it's great that the aspect of nature conservation is implemented so wonderfully here."

The topic of ecology and sustainability plays a major role: "Our goal is to be CO2-neutral by 2023, preferably even earlier," said Kohler. He then pointed out the uniqueness and special features of 'Tegernsee Phantastisch' again: "There are already play and fun arenas, for example with bouldering and trampoline jumping. And there are already high rope climbing parks and virtual reality areas. But not in this combination! I am a Tegernseer through and through and wanted to do something that naturally benefits us as a hotel group but also helps the entire Tegernsee and brings the valley to European-wide fame."

Many neighbors also came to congratulate Korbinian Kohler. Next to Duchess Anna in Bavaria and her husband Baron Andreas von Maltzan were also the chef of the entury Eckart Witzigmann with his partner Nicole Schnelldorfer: "We have been living at Tegernsee for a year and I was very interested in what wonderful things have been created here in the area. 'Tegernsee Phantastisch' is very good for the region."

In addition to the homeland, our respect is dedicated to the personalities of the region: "Both areas are connected by a tunnel and here we want to honor the people who have shaped the Tegernseer valley. Be it world-famous artists, athletes, economic figures, or politicians who come from Tegernsee or live there or have lived there for a time, such as Franz Josef Strauß, Ludwig Erhard, Peter Boenisch, Otto Beisheim, Helmut Dietl, Ludwig Thoma, Michail Gorbatschow, August Macke, Viktoria Rebensburg, Markus Wasmeier, and Christa Kinshofer, whose names are projected on digital boards." Some of these VIPs were also present that evening. Christa Kinshofer, for example, who was accompanied by her daughter Stephanie. "I am looking forward to the evening and will definitely take a closer look at the high path and the trampoline facility."

Also present were presenter Carolin Henseler with husband Yannick Erkenbrecher (presenter), Bea von Thurn und Taxis (member of the creative team 'Tegernsee Phantastisch' responsible for the special field "Tegernsee Ecologia"), Charlotte Gräfin von Oeynhausen, performance artist Mia Florentine Weiss (expecting her second child: "In two weeks it's time. I took my midwife to Tegernsee"), Stephanie Freifrau von Luttitz (daughter of Uschi Dämmrich von Luttitz), entrepreneur Robert Salzl with wife Helli, the publishing couple Wolfram and Christiane Weimer, entrepreneur Victor Erdmann, top caterer Uli Dahlmann with wife Evelin and children Therese (12) and Theo (9), Florian Haller (Serviceplan), Christiane zu Salm, orthopedic expert Dr. Martin Marianowicz, the two pastors Monsignore Walter Waldschütz and Dr. Manfred Weber, who blessed the experience world, fashion expert Jeannette Graf, and many more.

Even before the official opening, numerous VIPs had tested the experience world, including top model Lena Gercke, actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and his girlfriend Laura Marie-Geissler (racing driver), actress Luna Schweiger and her boyfriend Kevin von Anhalt, model Marlies-Pia Pfeifhofer, and influencer Veronika Heilbrunner.

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